The Phases

Three Proven Weight Loss Phases

One Life-Changing Result
Phase One: Rapid Results
Get the tools you need to have rapid weight loss with no exercise. See results instantly once you follow the individualized nutrition plan. In this phase, you'll work one on one with the Q-Crew as often as you like to get the support you need to make a lasting lifestyle change. 
Phase Two: Stabilize & Support
Find support wherever you are in your journey with our amazing counselors. With support 6 days a week, there's always someone to help you through a rough spot with positive thinking. As you approach your goal weight we'll refine your meal plan for stability and support. 
Phase Three: Maintain Your Goal This is where you live your best life.
Once you reach your goal weight, we'll prepare a new meal plan that will help you stay slender and strong for life. So you stay committed to maintaining your goal, we recommend you stick with the Q-Crew for 6 months after you reach your goal.
"I feel like a different person; one who is confident and comfortable with my body."
Michelle R.
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