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QWLC and
Teen Weight Loss

If your teenager wants to lose weight for graduation, sports, their health or even to build confidence
Quick Weight Loss Center can help.

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Do The Program
With Your Teen

For a teenager, support is very important.
Why not do the program with them?
Quick Weight loss Centers will give your child a FREE program with every adult enrollment.

For a teenager, support is very important. Why not do the program with them? Quick Weight loss Centers will give your child a FREE program with every adult enrollment.

Do what I did, call Quick Weight Loss Centers, mention my name, Darlene, and you can lose all the weight you need for only $99 plus the cost of supplements.

Start today and you can be down over 30 pounds by summer.

How Quick Weight Loss Works

4 Phases So You Keep it Off

How Quick Weight Loss Works

4 Phases So You Keep it Off

Each center visit is JUST 10 MINUTES so you SAVE TIME

Your 10-minute visit with your coach keeps you on track & losing so you have time to do more of the things you enjoy

Teen weight loss
as easy as ABC with QWLC!

It was Kristen’s senior year in high school. She was looking forward to the graduation, the prom, wearing a gorgeous dress — and dancing the night away with her friends. The only problem was, when she was going shopping she couldn’t even fit in an XX-size dress.

When the retail store clerk looked her up and down and told her there weren’t many dress options for her body type, she felt embarrassed, crushed, and powerless. She felt the tears welling up in her eyes. She was only trying to look and feel beautiful on her special night, and she so deserved this celebration after all the hard work with the exams. Yet, there she was, devastated and depressed again.

Kristen had been in sports and worked out a lot her whole life. Ironically, this didn’t fix her weight issues. She had tried a lot of various diets but nothing stuck. Her mom even offered her new clothes money if she loses that weight but this didn’t work either. On that day, she left the retail store and subconsciously wanted to eat her feelings as before — but she decided something has to change.

She couldn’t take the nasty bullying at school anymore but more than anything, she wanted to finally feel good about herself, for herself. As she was approaching her usual wing stop, she suddenly decided to drop by Quick Weight Loss Centers (QWLC) that she had always seen right next door but never checked out. As soon as she walked in, she felt at ease and supported by all the knowledgeable staff who knew exactly what she was going through and how to fix it. It was a no-judgment zone full of weight-loss experts who felt more like helpful and easygoing friends. Thanks to their advice, direction, and powerful teenage weight loss programs, Kristen lost around 10 pounds during the first month, over 15 pounds every consecutive month – and around 100 pounds in total in only 180 days!

Not only was she able to finally fit into an XX dress, but she was also rocking stunning M/L dresses and had so many more shopping choices! She finally loved what she saw in the mirror and how she felt — and was now crying with joy and pride. Kristen actually ran into the same sales clerk as 6 months ago who couldn’t believe her incredible transformation – and neither could Kristen’s friends and family. She was at her lowest weight since the 5th grade, she had so much more energy than before, she could now run way faster without pains, her stamina skyrocketed and her blood pressure stabilized.

Kristen was euphoric, proud of herself, and thankful to her friends at QWLC.

“As soon as I saw the dramatic results during my first week, it’s like I developed this tunnel vision for my transformation and ignored all the skeptics and the noise”, she says.

She mentioned the best part was that she could eat delicious, regular foods bought at a local grocery store – while also hanging out with her friends and family without getting off the track.

Kristen has fallen in love with the QWLC programs and environment so much that she decided to work there and help other people transform their bodies and lives.

She now has a body and a job she loves – and a man who loves her, too.

She says QWLC helped her push through those tricky moments when couples get comfortable and put on weight together. Kristen now has the information and the habits she needs to handle those obstacles confidently.

Kristen isn’t the only teen who has benefited from our diet plans to lose weight.

Kylee W., says, “This program was easy and I lost 23 lbs quickly. I used to be so depressed because I had tried losing weight by exercising, eating yucky diet meals, and Weight Watchers – but nothing worked. Now it feels so good to hear people say how beautiful and skinny I am. I’m no longer the fat kid. I was getting so tired of all the teasing online and in real life. Now I feel accepted, admired and no longer wonder if I’m worthy of happiness and friendship.” 

Ava J., raves, “I’m so happy, I can now fit in a size 2 and 29 pounds are gone! I was never hungry and the staff were great. They were always cheering me on and this support really helped me. They’ve changed my life forever.” Kyle R., confesses, “Since losing 35 pounds, I’m now a new person. I feel confident and look forward to hanging out with friends, knowing they won’t make fun of me because of my weight. This summer, I’m going to rock it at the pool and at the beach, and when I get back to school again, nobody will ever judge me because of my weight again.” Ryan B., points out, “Losing 66 pounds transformed my life. The program was easy and I loved the healthy snacks that, on the outside, looked just like regular snacks you can buy anywhere. I also ate normal foods so no one could tell I was on a diet. I lost all this weight on the down-low. I feel great and have way more energy. PE classes are no longer a nightmare and I’m considering being on the college sports team. WOW!”

Help your child develop strong bones and muscles and healthy eating habits for life — thanks to QWLC teen weight loss programs. Our healthful, nutritionally-based eating plans are perfect for growing bodies. And our protein, sweet and salty snacks make dieting fun and easy. QWLC create an individualized plan, tailored to your child’s sex, age, weight, unique preferences, lifestyle, and goals. They will eat normal, healthy foods and still be able to go out with their peers and not miss out on the fun. The best part, those healthy habits will stay with your teens forever and they won’t put on weight in college like many freshmen, or later in life. Andrea M. from Kendall, 13 years old, lost 68 pounds and can now shop in the kids’ section. She has more fun choices and finally enjoys looking at herself in the mirror. Amanda P. from West Palm Beach lost 70 pounds and says it was easy because she was always eating and the foods were great. This is how you know your teen will stick with the program. Kalysta D. from Jupiter lost 26 pounds and is very happy because dancing and martial arts are now way easier. She feels more confident and has more energy for bigger goals. Kristen M. from Boca Raton lost 75 pounds and says it was a life-changing experience. What could this mean for your teen? What happens if you don’t help them lose this weight now? Our counselors are there 6 days a week to keep your teen motivated, supported, and always on track. Many families get on our programs together, so it’s easier for the whole household to develop new healthy eating habits and behaviors. Give your teen the gift of a healthy future, and improve their life in more ways than one.

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