Families Program

Families that lose together

Win Together
  • Family Plan

    Lose weight with our individualized family plans. Include your partner, your child, or any family member who lives with you—and learn to live healthier lifestyles together while saving money. You’ll motivate each other, celebrate successes, and inspire change that lasts a lifetime. 

    Six days a week, you can check in with our friendly Q-crew counselors to get help, inspiration, tackle a problem, or share a success story. 


  • Individualized family plan for men, women, and children over age 8
  • Unlimited access to counselors dedicated to helping you succeed
  • Do the Q Guarantee - If your family doesn't lose what we believe you can, we'll let you stay on for free until you reach the target rate
  • Nutritional plan with individual food choices plus one-on-one counseling for the whole family
  • What to Expect at Your First Appointment

  • 1

    Free one-on-one consultation to understand your weight loss goals and get a tour of our center.

  • 2

    Your counselor will introduce you to the quick weight loss program designed for rapid weight loss.

  • 3

    Receive a customized plan tailored to meet your individual goals with tools you need to succeed.

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"Losing weight on QWLC has changed our lives in many ways. We feel better about ourselves and are proud of how we look."
Mel B. and Cheryl B.
Disclaimer: Enjoy a discount for one family member with a purchase of a family plan.