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2 Dietitian-Approved Weight Loss Programs to lose weight fast and easy without exercise

Everyone wants a fast weight loss plan but to work, it must fit with your lifestyle.

What you will love about Quick Weight Loss Centers, is that not only do we offer The Classic Program that has been helping people lose weight for over 35 years, but we also keep up with the latest trends. Like The Keto Program – with one-on-one counseling we make quick weight loss on KETO simple and easy.

The Classic Program

We have been offering our classic plan for over 35 years. It is a regular food-based plan with the use of some supplementation to help control cravings, reduce appetite and increase metabolism. We also use Q-Snacks which are our protein supplements. These Q-Snacks allow members to have sweet and salty snacks and help them to not deviate off the plan. The classic plan is moderate protein, low carb & low fat.

Vegetarian and Vegan Programs - We also offer a vegetarian and vegan option of our Classic Plan. It follows the same guidelines as the Classic Program but instead of animal proteins we use plant-based proteins.

Cheyenne, Chris, and Patty all used the Classic Program to lose over 20 pounds in 4 weeks!

The Keto Program

This year we rolled out our NEW Keto Program. The Keto plan was added this year by popular demand in the market. Keto is a 75% Fat, 20% Protein and 5% Carb plan. By reducing glucose intake, the body then uses Ketones produced by the liver to burn fat. We offer a comprehensive food list with many options. We use some cutting-edge products like our Veloz BHB Drink (Pink Lemonade & Chocolate), MCT oil, Chocolate & Vanilla Keto protein shakes, Keto Greens and Keto Coffee. We offer the same guarantee as our classic plan. Michele used Quick Weight Loss KETO & got to her goal weight faster than expected – 26 pounds, from 165 to 139, in only 9 weeks! Keto at Quick Weight Loss Centers worked for her because we KETO differently: it is all one-on-one nutritional counseling

REAL FOOD is the foundation of your diet plan to lose weight fast

80% of the diet comes from the grocery store or even restaurants so you can go out with your friends and family and still be completely 100% on plan. What our members love is the flexibility the program offers because we use regular food as well as the accountability of having a location to go to.

Why Come To Us?

What makes us different is the one on one coaching. Our coaches use many tools throughout your journey to assist with plateaus, correct deviations as well as providing behavior modification tools throughout the program. We have restaurant and vacation guides to help you through all kinds of social and recreational challenges.

This is how we keep the weight off

Once you complete the program, we transition you through 6 weeks of Stabilization. This is truly the most important part of our program and how we keep the weight off. Over 6 weeks we will slowly add foods back into your diet and start to increase calorie intake. We will do this to a point where your weight is stabilized, and your calorie intake is determined over that 6 weeks based on activity. Our members love this because this is where they get to add back in alcoholic beverages, sweets and other favorite foods restricted in the beginning of the program. You get to see how you can add these foods back in, in moderation, while you maintain your weight.

Results may vary. Typical results are 1-2 lbs per week on program.