Keto Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake
Keto Shake - Chocolate
Keto Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake

Keto Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake

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This Quick Weight Loss KETO shake tastes like a chocolate milkshake and is designed to fit into your busy lifestyle. As a convenient mini meal, it makes Keto on-the-go easier. Most importantly, it has the right nutrition profile to support your keto lifestyle with 16g fat, 8g protein and only 2 net carbs. All this from premium ingredients like collagen protein, healthy fats like grass-fed butter and carbs from sweet potatoes.

What makes Quick Weight Loss KETO shakes different is that they are part of a ketogenic weight loss system that provides exogenous keytones (BHB) and MCTs for people who want to become fat burning machines.

All Quick Weight Loss Centers products are proven safe and effective. Always check with your Weight Loss Specialist on which products you need for your phase of weight loss.

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